Growing Venidium - a handsome man from South Africa

Venidium is a spectacular plant that closely resembles chamomile. It has been known in the world floriculture for a long time, but in Russia it is still rare, although the cultivation of Venidium does not present any particular difficulties.

Venidium is a herbaceous plant native to South Africa, which includes both annual and perennial varieties. Venidium loves a sunny location, warmth and protection from the winds. The soil is preferable light, fertilized, without stagnant water. The plant is drought-resistant, it is necessary to water it after the soil dries out, since the Venidium does not tolerate waterlogging.

In our latitudes, it is preferable to grow Venidium through seedlings. Seeds are sown at the turn of March-April in light soil to a depth of about half a centimeter, covered with a film until the first shoots, which appear after 8-10 days. Then the film should be constantly ajar so that the seedlings do not start to rot from waterlogging. And after a week, the shelter is completely removed, leaving the seedlings in a bright, sunny place.

After the danger of spring frosts has passed, the seedlings can be planted in open ground (the distance between the plants is 25-30 cm). At first, in cloudless weather, the seedlings are shaded from direct sunlight.

On fertile soil, Venidium bushes grow quickly and luxuriantly, so decorative props will be very useful, since the stems are quite fragile and prone to lodging, especially in rainy weather.

Venidium can be grown not only in flower beds, but also in decorative vases, in rock gardens, creating group compositions on sunny lawns and in large flower beds. Thanks to the long flowering, it decorates the site with unusual flowers until the very frost.

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