Ladies' fingers: grapes that can be grown in the country

Grapes Ladies fingers, Shah raisins, Bokalny. All these are the popular names of the ancient popular variety Husaine white. The love of gardeners for this variety is explained by the special harmonious taste of the berries, the relatively unpretentious nature of the plant, abundant yield and excellent resistance to transportation.

There are few disadvantages of the variety, but they are significant. Firstly, grapes are not well adapted to cold and frosty conditions, which means that it can only be grown in hot and humid climates. It is not for nothing that Central Asia is famous for the best harvests of Ladies' fingers. Secondly, this type of culture is highly susceptible to disease. But even these difficulties of care can be dealt with if desired. Let's take a closer look at how to do it correctly.


Planting, feeding, watering

Planting, feeding, watering

The landing site is sunny, sheltered from the wind. Since this grape variety is afraid of frost, a shelter system for the winter should be considered. Planting a vine is better on a southern slope or along a natural defensive wall.

Ladies' fingers belong to a mid-season type of culture.

It is worth noting that growing grapes with white and green fruits in temperate climates is easier than with dark ones. This is due to the amount of sun required for the fruit to ripen.

The plant requires:

  • Deep soil layer and mandatory drainage.
  • If the soil is acidic, you need to add lime in the amount of 150 grams per square meter of area.
  • You can also add to the substrate compost and fertilizers on a mineral basis.
  • The vine will definitely need support. Usually, wooden posts are used, on which the wire is stretched. The distance between its rods should be about 30 cm.

The crop is planted from mid-autumn to early spring. For more northern areas, it is recommended to plant grapes in spring, when the buds have not yet blossomed. For the variety Ladies fingers, intensive growth is characteristic, but young shoots ripen late.

A young and weak vine is transferred to a greenhouse for the winter, and planted into the soil after the frost ends.

When planting cuttings, it is important make sure that at the level of the root system the ground warms up to at least 10 ° C. If the plant is grafted, then the stem must be deepened into the soil so that the grafting site remains on the surface. After planting, the grapes must be watered and mulched. Compost is the best option.

Remember that a vine planted against a wall requires more watering. Also grapes need a constant presence of magnesium in the soil.

Pruning grape varieties ladies fingers

Pruning grape varieties ladies fingers

A feature of Ladies fingers grapes is an extremely low number of processes capable of producing fruits. Therefore, the main element in the care of the variety will be timely and competent pruning.

When carrying out the procedure, you must comply with the basic requirements:

  • The shoots left for fruiting must be free from damage caused by both disease and weather conditions.
  • It is necessary that the selected shoots are ripe, that is, fully extended in length.
  • Medium stems should be chosen. In an adult plant, they will have a diameter of about 10 mm.Excessively thick processes are weakly bent and often break. In addition, fruit buds do not ripen well on them. Overly thin branches have an insufficient supply of elements for nutrition.
  • It is important to observe safety precautions so as not to damage neighboring shoots, since wounds on perennial branches do not heal.
  • To orient yourself in the number of processes that need to be left, you need to count the number of eyes.
  • Usually, 8 to 12 pieces are left per square meter of area.

If the vine has suffered from the winter cold, then it should be precisely determined whether the eyes or the wood are damaged.

Some gardeners recommend leaving more eyes on the bush to compensate for the loss of some of them after frost in this way. Other specialists, on the contrary, believe that leaving a reserve increases the unnecessary number of operations, since there is an intensive emergence of numerous processes from dormant and lateral buds.

The pruning technique itself also has certain rules:

  • The cut must be absolutely clean. For this, the sharpest pruner is used.
  • Pruning old branches should be done so that the wound area is minimal. For this, it is best to cut at right angles.
  • Also, old stems are not cut very close to the base.
  • Young shoots must be removed above the lower eye. The distance from it should be between 1 and 3 cm.

Cultivation problems

Cultivation problems

For the variety Ladies fingers, the most common is the defeat of the powdery mildew. Grapes are more resistant to mildew, but this disease can also occur. The third common ailment of the variety is berry rotting.

In grapes, it is important to consider the emerging symptoms of problems in a complex, observing the development after their manifestations.

This is due to the fact that many of the signs of different diseases are very similar to each other. Diseases of culture can be temporary, often developing during one season, and chronic. For grapes Ladies fingers are characterized by seasonal ailments. The occurrence of diseases is usually caused by weather conditions and therefore possible difficulties can be predicted.

Prevention and control measures are:

  • In the constant airing of the bushes.
  • Treatment with effective drugs such as Amistar.
  • Primary spraying with Bordeaux liquid.
  • Prompt removal of infected plant leaves.

Thus, the variety Ladies fingers is quite suitable for growing and breeding... Moreover, the harvest is large: one bunch of elongated large berries weighs half a kilogram. Subject to all conditions of detention, you can confidently expect a generous and tasty reward.

More information about planting grapes can be found in the video.
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The sweetness of childhood. We had such grapes. It bears fruit for a long time with good care - up to 5-8 years, and then, unfortunately, begins to die.

Anna user picture

I love this grape! but here in our north-west it does not grow and will not grow. Some blue varieties are planted in our dachas - very, very tart.

User avatar seos1003

I really want to plant this grape variety in my garden, but the climate is not at all suitable. Everything freezes in winter.

User avatar Ksenia

This grape variety is loved by my whole family, and of course I too. Only it does not work to grow it, it is constantly ill. Some white spots appear on the leaves, we don't know what to do. We are content only with grapes from the market, and so we want to grow it with our own hands.

Tell me how to protect this variety from frost, otherwise last year it froze to me. The variety is good, I want him to give birth)

Inga avatar

You need to cover the grapes for the winter with agrofibre. Practical, convenient and most importantly, the frost will not reach the kidneys.

How much I love this variety, I immediately have memories of summer and a gazebo under the vineyard. In addition, it is not only tasty but also healthy. Grape seed perfectly cleanses the colon, removes toxins and toxins from the body. And also with its help, you can get rid of excess weight.

Cool grape variety. Very tasty, at the very same variety grows in the country. But just for watering, it would be nice to dig pipes into the ground in an upright position. When watering, fill the pipes with water. This is so that the water goes deeper into the ground.