Our favorite beans

If you don't like beans, then you just don't know how to cook them properly yet. Indeed, despite the fact that this product belongs to a healthy diet, it can actually be delicious. Dozens of recipes on the Internet at your service. Having today such a powerful tool for finding this or that information, we will also learn how useful the use of beans is, how it affects the body.

More than 200 species of this cultivated plant are grown today all over the world. Its fruits are rich in proteins and vitamins (A, B and E), macro and microelements (calcium, magnesium, fluorine and others) and other useful substances. Although beans are high in calories, they are considered a dietary product. Even ancient healers considered it an excellent medicine for the lungs.


With atherosclerosis and diabetes mellitus, arrhythmia and tuberculosis, rheumatism and kidney disease, as well as gastritis and low-acid ulcers, it is useful to eat beans. This product stimulates the genitourinary system, normalizes salt metabolism, soothes the nerves and prevents the formation of tartar.


It is not recommended to often use beans for elderly people, patients with diagnoses of gout, nephritis, cholecystitis, colitis, with increased acidity of the stomach.


This crop is easy to grow, it can be stored all year round and can be used as an ingredient in many mouth-watering recipes without any problems. Vegetable salads, stews and beans simply stewed in tomato sauce, various soups and main courses, asparagus and green beans - all this is very tasty and healthy.

User avatar Wika

I always enjoyed eating beans. I like it even if it is just boiled in salted water and seasoned with unrefined sunflower oil.

Anna user picture

And we used to grow decorative beans on the balcony - dad pulled a string in the form of a gazebo and then beans curled over it. It was beautiful!

User avatar Love

I really like beans, and green beans, and regular white or red. You can cook a lot of different dishes from it, and it is very useful. And what a delicious tomato soup with green beans it turns out! I grow beans myself in the country, then I have enough for the whole winter.