Early ripe variety - Atlant pepper

This type of pepper belongs to the early maturing. The period between technical ripeness and mass germination is 110-120 days, respectively, between mass germination and biological ripeness - 130-140 days. A plant such as atlas pepper is half-stemmed, slightly spreading, low-leafed, medium-sized. Fruits are large, cone-shaped, two- or three-chambered, weighing 110-160 g, the thickness of the pulp is usually 5-6 mm, red in biological ripeness, in technical - lettuce color.

The yield is 40-60 t / ha. Early ripe Atlanta peppers are grown using seedlings. Sowing seeds in cassettes is currently the most common method for growing seedlings. The age of the seedlings depends directly on the purpose of using the products. 25-45-day-old seedlings are planted to obtain a similar kind of product for processing. The planting pattern largely depends on the irrigation method (90 + 50 X 20cm when grown using drip irrigation and 60 X 25 cm when irrigated as sprinkler irrigation). For sweet pepper atlas, a thickened planting is recommended. The number of plants per 1 ha is 65-70 thousand. Early ripe Atlant pepper stands out for its marketable appearance and high taste.

Gardeners often speak positively about this plant. They are very happy with this sort. According to some reviews, it is known that when grown in a greenhouse, the pepper grew 8 cm in diameter, 15 cm in length, and had a weight of 400g. It is possible to get a harvest 2 times per season. It can be planted outdoors for five years. Further, it is better to transplant the atlas pepper into greenhouse conditions.

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