Currants: planting and care for taste and benefit

Summer, which, in spite of all natural disasters, is uncontrollably approaching, smells of berries: raspberries, currants, cherries. And currant is one of the most popular garden fruit shrubs. For many gardeners and gardeners, currants, planting and caring for which are quite simple, are a favorite garden plant.

It is best to breed this shrub by dividing the bush or layering. Naturally, currants, like any plant, are aging and require periodic renewal. And to update this garden dweller, planting material is best purchased in a nursery.

It is best to plant currant bushes in the fall. This should be done in late September - early October. At this time, the bushes will be well accepted and will delight you with bright greenery and a ripe harvest next year.

If the autumn time is missed for some reason, then the currants can be planted in the spring. This must be done immediately when the earth allows it to be done. You need to be in time before the swelling of the currant buds.

When planting in autumn and spring, several rules must be followed. for example, you need to plant a currant bush so that the root collar is buried no more than 5 centimeters. This allows the bush to grow thicker and stronger. By the way, in order for each plant to have enough space and nutrients and the sun, a certain planting scheme should be observed. for example, 1.2 x 1.5 meters or 2.0 x 2.0 meters.

Caring for currants, like any other hellish plant, comes down to weeding, watering, feeding, and protecting against pests. it is also necessary to cut out old and diseased branches as necessary.

Good luck and good harvest!

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Cutting off old branches of currants is the most difficult for me, unfortunately, as a rule, I feel very sorry for the shrub and looking at a large branch, I am not always sure that it should be cut. I can easily cut only dried branches.