Charlie grapes - cultivation and varietal features

Many of us love grapes, but not all of us live in the southern regions, where we can grow it in our own garden plots.

However, as it turns out, even in the suburbs of Moscow there is a chance to plant and grow vines that will present with yields of delicious grapes.


General description of grapes and conditions for its growth

Grapes in natural conditions are strong vines; in the process of evolution, this plant acquired the ability to form tendrils, with which it clings to nearby supports and reaches for the light.

Grape plants need light and sunlight to form clusters of berries.

The advantage of this plant species is its high degree of adaptation to environmental conditions. That is why many gardeners are surprised that in a temperate climate, grapes are able to bear fruit, although it would seem that it is a southern plant.

Previously, it was often possible to see grapes grown in the form of lashes creeping along the ground. However, over time, such fungal diseases of this type of culture appeared, which required the installation of supports for the vines to prevent fungal infections.

charlie grapes

Grapes are able to recover very quickly after a variety of interventions from both natural conditions (frost, hail damage, etc.), and after human intervention, for example, strong trimming.

As mentioned above, grapes need a lot of heat and light for the successful growth and development of plants, fruiting. However, the researchers found that the vines have enough temperature of + 25-30 degrees for photosynthesis and fruit setting. Therefore, it turns out to be a simple matter to grow this culture in zones with a temperate climate.

In addition, it was experimentally found that lowering the soil temperature to -10 degrees does not have a detrimental effect on grape planting either. And the aerial parts in strong vines can tolerate fairly low winter temperatures.

How to plant grapes correctly

Due to the thermophilicity of plants and the need for a high level of illumination in the garden or on the garden plot for grapes, it is necessary to provide just such open areas - heated and illuminated by the sun.

Planting density should depend on the variety being planted, as some can grow well in relatively dense plantings, while others need more space.

When growing on the arch, you need to leave a distance of 1 to 2 meters between the bushes, and when growing on trellises, you will need a little more space - 1.5-2 meters.

Planting by cuttings or seedlings?

For the lazy, there is a fairly simple way of planting grapes - cuttings... Each stalk should not be shorter than 50-60 cm. They are harvested in the fall, and before planting they are soaked for about 2 hours in water at room temperature.

The planting of such cuttings is carried out in holes punched in the soil with a crowbar, in the spring, when the temperature is at least +10 degrees.

However, the method for the lazy has a significant drawback - many cuttings do not take root.

Landing saplings with a greater guarantee gives plant survival. Seedlings also need to be soaked before planting, shortening the growths and roots.

Charlie grapes - features of the variety

Charlie grape variety is one of the favorite gardeners. This variety was obtained by hybrid crossing by the breeder Pavlovsky E.G. two varieties - Nadezhda AZOS and Victoria.

charlie grapes

The good variety Charlie is that it is very early ripe: only about 105-115 days pass from bud break to full maturity of the berries and the possibility of harvesting.

The grape bushes of this variety are distinguished by their great power and strength. The flowers on Charlie grape vines are bisexual.

The advantage of the Charlie variety is the fact that the ripening of the vines is very good - practically along the entire length of the growth. The bunches on the vines are formed large, the weight of each can be from 600 to 800 grams.

The shape of the bunch resembles a cylinder or a cone, all the berries are almost equal in size and oval shape, there are no peas, the berries are black in color.

The berries are considered large, each weighing about 7-10 grams, which is considered a very good result.

The taste of berries is also high: the skin does not interfere with eating, it is not felt, the pulp has an optimal consistency - medium soft. The sugar content of Charlie berries is in the range of 17-19%, the taste is very pleasant and harmonious.

Distinguishes vines varieties Charlie high frost resistance: fruit buds are able to endure frosts down to -24 degrees. The variety brings very rich harvests, for which we love gardeners.

Bunches of grapes of this variety have a very beautiful shape, retain their external attractiveness and presentation for a long time.

The only thing that needs to be remembered when growing the Charlie variety: with it, in general, winter hardiness, you should still carefully cover the vines for the winter.

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A neighbor is busy with grapes. He had this variety, but did not live long. Sand and peat chips were specially brought in for him. Very capricious to the soil. The sun loves, but in heavy rains the grapes crack.