Salvia sparkling - care and cultivation

Salvia glittering belongs to annual plants. It is distinguished among many flowering plants by bright red, glowing inflorescences-brushes. The salvia plant itself reaches a height of about 60 cm, and the flower brushes rise above the main mass by another 15-20 cm.

Sparkling salvia can be used to decorate any flower bed, rabatka, it is also suitable for growing in containers.

Before deciding to plant salvia, you should know that this plant is very photophilous, it does not tolerate an unexpected drop in temperatures.

To grow sparkling salvia, you first need to plant seeds, wait until the seedlings get stronger and only then plant them in a permanent place in the garden.

Salvia seedlings must be hardened without fail. Therefore, about a week or 10 days before planting, you need to start accustoming the sprouts to direct sunlight and lower the temperature of the content to + 7-10 degrees. Around the beginning of June, the seedlings are ready for transplanting into open ground.

As many beauties are capricious, the sparkling salvia does not differ in its docile nature. This plant is not one of those that can be planted and forgotten. Salvia requires care and attention from the grower.

It is necessary to provide salvia plants with sunny places on the site, humus-rich loamy soil that would keep moisture well. You will regularly need to destroy weeds, loosen the soil around the plants.

It is necessary to feed sparkling salvia during the period of its active growth and necessarily during the formation of buds. With proper care, salvia blooms magnificently and brightly from August to the first frost.

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