Orchids need shading

Did you know that orchids categorically do not accept direct sunlight, in the daytime it is best to shade them a little? These plants love moisture, but water droplets should not fall on the leaves and inflorescences, otherwise it will lead to rotting of the plant. If orchids are kept in greenhouses, then the walls of the structure can be sprayed with water. But at the same time, the soil should not be excessively wet, in some cases even a slight drought is beneficial.

Orchids are very delicate and whimsical. Any disease or presence of parasites can lead to the death of the plant. You should especially be wary of the scale insects. The scale insect is a tiny insect that drinks cell juice from a plant. As a result, yellow or brown spots form on the surface of orchids, after which part of the plant may die off. The scabbards secrete a fluid that contributes to the development of a sooty fungus. As a result, the condition of the flower deteriorates sharply, up to the death of the entire plant.

When planting an orchid, I try not to press down on the roots, but simply fill up the substrate. After planting, the pot must be placed in a favorable location. The orchid is considered a light-loving plant, but does not like the bright sun. Therefore, it is better to choose an east or west window.

When watering, some growers arrange a hot shower for the plant, reminiscent of a tropical downpour. After such watering, the orchid grows more fun and can bloom. The orchid bloom is eagerly awaited, grooming with all its might properly. But a whimsical beauty may not want to show bloom.

The reasons for this may be different, but it happens that she just needs a little stress, which can be arranged in the form of a temperature drop or cessation of watering. A beautiful flower can also appear when the plant is simply left alone.

The orchid can be subject to the detrimental influence of pests, including the scale insect and the false scale insect. These sucking insects have small brown or whitish plaques that contain chitin. Such a coating causes certain difficulties in the destruction of insects.

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Orchid is a beautiful flower!

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I was recently given a Phalaenopsis orchid. I'm just not overjoyed with her. A beautiful flower - I hope it will delight me for a long time with the beauty of its flowering.

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Our phalaenopsis orchid has bloomed several times already, and once it happened when the flower stood on the northwest window sill, and another time on the southwest one. We rarely water the orchid, we monitor the number of leaves at the base of the flower, we try to keep no more and no less than four, we regulate this amount by watering.